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Nature of the Retreats

Regular retreats are conducted every last weekend at the Centre, varying from one-day conventions to daily services. A core team of Intercessors, Preachers, Translators, Committee members, Volunteers, Praise & worship Team and various Volunteers enable the success of each event.

The retreats are led mainly by Vincentian Fathers working in East Africa. At present Fr. Antony Parankimalil VC and Rev Fr. Michael Kunnuthara VC are the residing priest at the centre. The non -residential retreats do not merely include preaching, praise and worship, and teaching, but retreatants are taught the importance of what we practice as Catholics and why. A new meaning and understanding of the Bible is unveiled and the Word of God is brought to life, as all the talks are based mainly on the scriptures and traditions of the Church.

During the retreats, the first day focuses on God’s love, sin and repentance, the second day on Confession and Forgiveness, the third day on Inner healing and the final day, on Thanksgiving and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Each day concludes with the celebration of Holy Mass and Eucharistic Adoration. During the retreats, priest are available to hear confessions and to offer spiritual guidance.

Retreat Testimonies
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Vincentian Retreat Centre, Entebbe
P.O. Box.200, Bugonga, Uganda
Phone : +2560414320242 | 0776321987
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Vincentian Retreat Centre, Entebbe
P.O. Box.200, Bugonga, Uganda

Divine Retreat Centre,
Cyeru-Kanzenzen, Bugesera, Rwanda.

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